We're simplifying the way local neighborhood organizations interact with residents.

Better community engagement.

We're on a mission to enhance community-harmony, with simple-to-use and robust community engagement solutions.

August 2017 - Official launch of Community Sites V1.0.0

More than a year after initial development starts, Neighborhoody's flagship product, Community Sites, is launched publicly for communities and their managing agents.

May 2017 - Early access granted

Early access to public release granted to multiple organizations for early adoption and testing. Solution feedback heavily monitored for public release refinement.

December 2016 - Beta release V1.0.0-beta

Six months after initial development starts, a select few clients adopt a beta release version for their communities. Stable enough to deliver immediate value, yet not polished for public release.

October 2016 - Alpha release V1.0.0-alpha

After a couple of months of solid foundational work, a basic working model is released for intial testing in-house.

June 2016 - Development begins

Development finally begins on our flagship product, Community Sites.

January 2016 - Architecture planning

After years of waiting for a solid solution to a growing problem, we decided to build it ourselves. Global management of community engagement prioritized for initial product release.

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